Will You Marry Me? Proposal Ideas From A Guy


Looks like it’s time to ask her to the BIG dance! 

How do you ask someone to grow old with you? I say, “Grow old” because it’s considerably less morbid than till death do us part, but who’s kidding? Life gets lonely and you’re not getting any younger. The beer and pizza is starting to show, trust me, and exercise sounds like a rude suggestion. So, because I certainly don’t want you to die alone, here are some tips on how to propose.

First off, because this advice is usually for the men and I happen to be familiar with how short our attention span is, let’s cover the don’ts. Knowing men, it’s a great possibility that you love sports, and maybe she wears the jersey because she knows you like it, but please don’t ask her on the jumbotron. It’s not classic anymore, sorry. Think about her, think about the fact that everyone she knows and loves will be asking her for this story including strangers and future grandchildren. What I’m trying to say is that it’s important, so treat it that way and give her your best.

The Disney Classic
Disneyland is a classic proposal location because it covers some essential proposal requirements naturally. Your proposal should be exciting, romantic, memorable and documented. Consider the bridge to the entrance of the Magic Kingdom. This setting allows you to profess your love in public, which shows you’re not scared of making a fool of yourself for her. Guaranteed there will be someone there to help you document the moment. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to take a picture of the two of you then surprise both the stranger and your hopeful fiancée. I may just be a romantic, but I feel like it’s instinct to capture the moment. As soon as your knee hits the ground they’ll know what to do.

The Sure Win
Puppies my friend, puppies. Maybe dogs aren’t for everyone, but who can say no to that face! The point here is to be as adorable as possible. This doesn’t mean you actually need to buy a puppy, but if you or she have an animal that the two of you love then why not. This approach is a lot more personal and can give you an opportunity to show your soft side. Plus it allows her to have fun pictures to blast all over Facebook and Twitter!

The Family Reunion
This option allows you to blend the exciting atmosphere of a public proposal with a more personal feel. Down in Long Beach, CA there’s a gondola service that takes you on an intimate and very romantic ride through the canals of Naples Island. After you’ve lost sight of the dock and are in the canals you will have an opportunity to pop the question, just don’t fall in. While you and the pretty lady are enjoying the moment, someone should be orchestrating all invited family members to wait out on the dock for your return so they too can share in your excitement!

No matter what you choose, please keep in mind that this day is just as important for you as it is for her. So remember to make it exciting, romantic, memorable and documented. You deserve to at least enjoy telling this story for the rest of your lives. Need additional marriage proposal ideas or planning assistance? We can help! Just set up an appointment with any one of our in-store proposal planners.

Mark Estrada

Mark Estrada

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