Local Arlington Man Proposes with Flash Mob


By Natalie Solis–Fox 4 News

A round of applause for newly engaged Arlington customers Brooke and Raul! What an exciting and memorable way to pop the question.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Getting a group of people to appear to spontaneously break into song and dance in a public place is no small feat. But one North Texas man pulled it off to get the love of his life.

There are wedding proposals and then there are flash mob proposals like the one Brooke Looney got.

Looney thought she was taking Mother’s Day photos with her family and boyfriend, Raul Lopez, this past Saturday at Arlington Highlands Mall. Then the girl her boyfriend had stopped to take a quick photo of them broke into song and dance with 30 other people.

“My heart just dropped. I was like, what is going on,” Looney said. “I was thinking maybe we just happened upon them and then he jumped in and my heart is just pounding.”

Lopez knew his proposal couldn’t be ordinary. It had to be fun and attention getting. And while watching Glee one day Looney told him if they ever got married she wanted it to be animated with lots of people dancing.

“She’s been watching these flash mob things. I didn’t know until she introduced me to it,” he said.

Lopez enlisted the help of his brothers, who told friends on Facebook. That’s where Becca Neiderkrom entered the picture. She knew just the people to pull off a flash mob.

“I belong to a really fun group of folks called the Danceton and we are just a fun group that likes to dance anywhere and everywhere. And we recently got into flash mob,” she said. “When he told me it was for a proposal, the girls and guys got so excited about it.”

Lopez learned his part by watching a YouTube video. He practiced it for two days.

“I thought he did amazing. He’s a good dancer. No he did good,” Neiderkrom said.

Needless to say after five years of dating, Looney said yes. The couple plans to marry next July.

Tracey Lyles

Tracey Lyles

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Tracey Lyles

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