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Discover the Ideal Meal to Make Your Man

By guest blogger Natasha Burton

We all know that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach—or at least, that’s what the oft-quoted phrase tells us. If you’re wanting to make your guy feel extra special (hey, why not pamper him for a change, right?), you may want to consider making him an unforgettable meal.

Chicken Parmesan from What's Gabby Cooking on Pinterest

Chicken Parmesan from What’s Gabby Cooking on Pinterest

To help you get started on deciding what to whip up, here are some questions that will assist you in determining what dish(es) would be ideal for your man. Happy cooking!

1. Does he appreciate home cooking or would he be completely happy with take-out?
2. Is he more of a steak-and-potatoes sort of man or is he okay with eating vegetarian?
3. Does he prefer variety (an assortment of foods for dinner) or consistency (one thing to dine on)?
4. Is he more of a savory or sweet guy?
5. Does he like dessert or would he prefer a more filling meal?
6. Are there any must-haves he likes at dinner (salad, bread, or some kind of carb)?
7. What’s his favorite place to travel to or country he’s visited?
8. Does he have a favorite dish at a restaurant you go to often that you could recreate at home?
9. Does he have a favorite general cuisine?
10. Does his family have a special recipe from his childhood you could make for him?

Now that your creative culinary juices are flowing, check out some popular cooking pinners on Pinterest like What’s Gabby Cooking and 101 Cooking for Two—they’ll help you narrow down exactly what menu to serve.

Natasha Burton is an author, freelance writer and editor.
101 Quizzes for Couples

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What’s Her Engagement Ring Style?

By guest blogger Natasha Burton

When you’re ready to pop the question, you’ve likely already talked to your girlfriend about marriage. But you may not have had a conversation about her taste in jewelry—in fact, you may even want the ring you present her to be a complete surprise.

But, given that she’s going to wear her ring ’til death do you part, you’re going to want to get her some bling she’ll like—or, even better, love.

Is she inspired by wedding day fashion & the most famous tiaras worn by royalty? Then consider the Royal Tiara by Peter Lam Luxury collection–sku 0387988 at

Is she inspired by wedding day fashion & the most famous tiaras worn by royalty? Then consider the Royal Tiara by Peter Lam Luxury collection–sku 0387988 at

Ask yourself these questions to help guide you on your ring search, from determining the metal the ring should be made of, to the style that would speak most to your girlfriend.

1. Does she normally wear white or yellow gold jewelry?

2. Is her apartment or home filled with antiques, traditional furnishings, or modern details?

3. Which famous classic actress do you think she’d identify with most, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, or Marilyn Monroe?

4. What does her favorite pair of jeans look like? (Worn and vintage? Pristine and crisp? Basic blue?)

5. If she were to order a drink at a bar, would it be a martini, a glass of wine or a craft beer?

6. Does she prefer outdoor activities like hiking or indoor activities like watching movies?

7. Is she a DIY, baking and crafty type or more of a store-bought kind of woman?

8. Is there another piece of jewelry she wears everyday with which you might need to coordinate her engagement ring?

Need a little more guidance? No problem, we got you covered! Check out Find Out Your Engagement Ring Style to see various ring designs.

Natasha Burton is an author, freelance writer and editor.
101 Quizzes for Couples

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5 Things They Don’t Tell You When Buying A Diamond

By guest blogger Lori Harris, Ring Center Specialist for Robbins Brothers


1. Diamonds Are Not Created Equal.
Never assume that diamonds of the same color, clarity and cut grade are the same. That’s like saying all women that are brunette, 5’6 and tan all look the same. Did you know that there could be up to a 30% price difference between diamonds with the same cut grade? Make sure you view diamonds loose and side by side to really get a comparison for beauty.

2. Go In with a Budget in Mind.
Not knowing how much you want to spend (and can afford) when shopping for the perfect diamond could make you end up in the poor house. There isn’t anything romantic about being broke. There shouldn’t be any games played when talking about price. Reputable jewelers will be transparent in their pricing. Be cautious of the “discounts” that are misleading. You really think a company could stay in business if they offered everything at 50% off every day?

3. Least Expensive doesn’t equal Prettiest.
That 30% swing in price for the same cut grade is true. Diamonds that have tremendous fire and sparkle (all the things we women love) will cost you more. It won’t win you any points if she isn’t proud to show it off. Trust me–she wants a rock on her hand that dances in the light and can be seen from across the room. Be smart and invest in value. Invest in the biggest most beautiful diamond! (Within the budget you already decided on!)

Asscher Cut

Asscher Cut

4. Trust Your Gut.
Ever get the feeling something shady is going on? Trusting your gut will lead you in the right direction when deciding who to buy from. Make sure your jeweler is reputable, friendly, honest, helpful, and patient. You should walk away feeling knowledgeable and confident in your decision.

5. She wears the Diamond not the Certificate.
I don’t know of any woman who wants to walk around with her diamond certificate, quoting all the specs. So why base your decision on what the certificate says? Be open minded on qualities- you may be surprised at what you find when comparing diamonds next to each other.

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5 Things I Love About My Wedding Ring

By guest blogger Natasha Burton

Engagement rings, well, they seem to get all the attention. They tend to be flashier, more sparkly, and—in most cases—their arrivals on our fingers is a total surprise.

But wedding rings deserve some love too: As the typically daintier pairing to your rock (and symbol of your everlasting devotion to your husband), they should get the credit they deserve. So, in that spirit, I’m declaring my adoration for my wedding band, which I can’t wait to start wearing in less than four months.


1. It’s super delicate.
I chose a pave diamond band for my wedding band. It has tiny diamonds going a little over halfway around my finger and looks stunning, even by itself. It’s super feminine and elegant—exactly what I wanted.

2. It’s going to last.
I’m going to be wearing this ring ’til death do us part, so aside from how it looks, I was determined to get a piece of jewelry that could withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Hence why I went to Robbins Brothers: I love that my ring’s diamonds were individually set by the pros—they’re not going anywhere! It’s a quality ring and it’s going to last as long as my marriage… maybe even longer!

3. It fits well with my engagement ring.
I was lucky enough to have David from the Woodland Hills store help me choose my wedding band and he was able to find the absolutely perfect one to coordinate with my engagement ring. Since I’ll be rocking them as a set, it was so important to me that they looked like they went together without being too matchy-matchy.

4. It’s classic.
My ring could have been worn by my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother—it’s a classic. I’m excited to be able to pass it along to my future daughter or granddaughter some day. I think it’s a piece they would cherish and pass to their children, too.

5. It’s fun to try on.
Not gonna lie, I try on my ring about once a week (usually while I’m brushing my teeth) and I’ve contemplated wearing it out of the house well before my big day. I just love it. And while I love my engagement ring (like, to the point that it still makes me gasp), I can’t help but get excited by my new bling, even if it’s not quite as dazzling as the rock my fiancé surprised me with. If I’ve learned anything since being engaged, it’s that diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.

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10 Things to Ask Yourself When You Think You’ve Found “The One”

By guest blogger Natasha Burton

Ah, being in love. It’s the best feeling in the world, hands down. And it can catapult us into dreaming about the next steps those feelings may take us—down the aisle and into married life.
you've found the one

But getting engaged, as exciting and whirlwind as it can seem, does require a healthy dose of rationality. Which, of course, isn’t always easy to channel when you’re in the throes of passion.

So, before you put a ring on it, or start pining for that bling, ask yourself the following questions.

1. What makes this relationship different from others you’ve had?

2. How do you know that you’re ready to make this life-long commitment?

3. In what ways do you think you and your partner are truly meant to be?

4. In what ways are you incompatible? How do you feel about these differences?

5. How do you see your partner fitting in with your family?

6. What’s your fighting style? Are you satisfied with how you resolve conflict?

7. Have you discussed the big issues, like religion and starting a family?

8. How do you think what you want out of life is compatible with what your partner wants?

9. In what ways does your partner make you feel loved and appreciated?

10. How has your partner changed your life for the better?

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