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6 Nerd Rings to Express Your Love

By guest blogger Shaina Woodcock, Robbins Brothers Merchandise Distribution Clerk


There are things you are passionate about. What better way to take your passions with you as an expression of your love than in the form of a ring? If you are inspired by your favorite things then let these rings inspire your love.

-In the interest of full disclosure, there will be shameless references peppered throughout this article with no apologies.

The Legend of Zelda nerd

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” Express your love of Hyrule wherever you go with this ring for him or her. The engraving in the classic Nintendo NES font really pulls it all together.

Nature nerd
“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir
Stuck in the concrete jungle but love trees? Take a bit of nature with you wherever your adventures lead with this ring from Lashbrook. With laser etching of birch trees you are never far away from a forest escape. (Sku 0399567) (Sku 0399567)

Space nerd
Ordinary metal is so boring. Your ring needs to be extraordinary with a hint of extraterrestrial. This band is inlayed with meteorite and comes in many different styles to satisfy your naked finger needs. (sku 0399563) (sku 0399563)

Dr. Who nerd
Don’t blink or you’ll miss this TARDIS ring inspired by Dr. Who. With subtle cutouts representing the police call box and cleverly set diamonds you’ll be ready to face all of time and space with your Time Lord by your side.

Gamer nerd
Is the Playstation your favorite console? Show your dedication to the system and your lady with this custom engagement ring. The colored stones really make this piece, don’t you think?

Indiana Jones nerd
Sure, Indiana Jones wooed his share of women, but this would be his choice, should he settle down (I’m choosing to ignore the ending of The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). With the shank made to look like a coiled whip and the yellow diamond representing the idol, this ring belongs in a museum.

It doesn’t matter what you are passionate about, Robbins Brothers can make your ring dreams a reality. If you saw anything you liked, come into our store and we can custom make a ring worthy of your devotion.

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5 Places I Get Caught Staring At My Wedding Ring

By guest blogger Natasha Burton


Well before I met my husband, I was enthralled with the idea of wearing a wedding ring. (Paired perfectly with an equally lovely engagement ring, of course.) I’ve never been the type to get all starry-eyed over jewelry, but these rings were different. They meant something–more than I could know when I was single and just excited about the future prospect of someone wanting me to be his wife.

Now that I’m married (almost three months!) I look down at my left hand more than I care to admit. I’m almost surprised to see that sparkle on my ring finger–even though I was engaged for over a year and a half before I took my trip down the aisle. (Hopefully I’m not alone here?) These are the top five places I catch myself checking out my own rock.

1. In the car
The sunlight coming through the windows and windshield amplify the sparkle factor of my bling—how can I not take a peek?!

2. While making dinner
Really, during any lull in my daily life, when I’m paused or waiting for something (a pot to boil, for instance), I catch myself examining my ring. Hey, it’s the most interesting thing to look at.

3. On my couch
Yep, sometimes I’m just vegging out with my HGTV and I find myself glancing down at my rings. You know, just making sure they’re still there. Sometimes I even poke my husband and ask him how awesome my rings look today. Rhetorically, of course.

4. In yoga class
While I was engaged, I committed myself to finishing 300 workouts (of 30 minutes or more) in one year as a way to get in shape for my big day–and to form a healthy habit I could stick to for the rest of my life. I’d look down at my rock for motivation, when needed, which was quite often. Even now, I find myself using my ring as my focal point when I’m holding an uncomfortable yoga pose. (Thinking: “After this class, I can sit on my couch and watch HGTV with my husband.”)

5. When I spy another woman’s rock.
Look, we all do it. (Right?!) Every time I catch sign of another woman’s wedding or engagement ring (or both), I peep back at my own. I can’t help it.

Natasha Burton is a relationship author, freelance writer and editor.

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Women Who Propose To Men

For years popping the big question has been considered a man’s job, but lately more and more women are stepping up to the plate and taking “Will You Marry Me?” into their own hands.

See how Audrey surprised David, her boyfriend of 3 years, with an unsuspecting marriage proposal and a Scott Kay Men’s Cobalt Ring on the popular talk show The Real. Let’s just say David looked a bit uncomfortable, but maybe that’s because her question caught him completely off guard.

Meanwhile, on the Steve Harvey TV segment, Ask Steve & Receive, sweet Karli planned to ask Kevin to marry her after 9 years of dating. She was beyond ready but Steve advised her differently. See what happens:

What do you think? Should a woman propose marriage to her man or is it best to wait for him to pop the question?

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Favorite Fall Fashion Trends 2014

By guest fashion blogger Necole Peralta, B3lla Cara

Summer was short and sweet. Now it’s time to retire the next to nothing cuteness for some fall favorites! Yep, fall is back. While you can always rely on the darker tones to see you through the season, wait a sec before you reach for your tried and true greys and browns. There’s a new trend sweeping the scene for fall, military green, and it really has me giddy! So if you’ve never had the chance to stand on a battlefield, military style, well here’s your chance sorta!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

When In Fall…Go Green! Tacori Stud Earrings 0390347 / Hoop Earrings 0395520 / Tacori Ring 0390423
Tacori Stud Earrings 0390347 / Hoop Earrings 0395520 / Tacori Ring 0390423

The corporate grind can leave a girl wondering where the closest happy hour is! What’s the infamous saying? “Work hard Play hard!” Well here’s how fall’s latest trends can take you from closing business deals to opening tabs. How do you seamlessly transition from the office to happy hour in style? Remember that black on black is important (I think that’s a Jay Z lyric and it stuck!) to keeping that corporate edge while in the office and transforming to totally chic after hours. All black has made quite the come back, so go wild.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Don’t know what to rock for the next GNO festivities? Well think body.hugging.hotness and you can’t go wrong. Just because the temps are dropping doesn’t mean it’s time to cover up. Nope fall is all about showing the right amount of skin & curves (emphasis on “right” ladies, too much can be catastrophic on so many levels, but that’s another blog post)! After all, the coveted GNO is all about letting your hair down, throwing back some sweet libations, dancing with your girls and turning some heads in the process. So get ready to show em’ what you’re working with. And who best to provide a nice snapshot of some GNO style than our fab, curvaceous faves-Beyonce, Amber Rose, Solange and Kim K.

Don’t forget to play up those plunging necklines with some Robbins Brothers ice! Love pendant 0394944 / Rose Gold pendant 0399029 / Heart & Key Pendant 0393455 Love pendant 0394944 / Rose Gold pendant 0399029 / Heart & Key pendant 0393455

Being a mommy to two active boys, I would be remiss to not show my mommys how to step out in fall fashion style this season. We don’t know a mommy on earth that wants to run around uncomfortable and cold all day with the kiddies. So moms, your day out with the kiddies on a cool fall afternoon, should look like your grandpa’s old flannel (just a bit sleeker and chic however) and a stylish flat boot, whether it’s a chic pair of Louis Vuittons or a bold color Hunter rain boot. Whatever your choice, cute can be comfy, so rock it out mamis. Oh and please don’t forget your RB bling!


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5 Deal Breakers To Ditch If You Want To Find True Happiness


By Todd Carlson, Creative Manager for Robbins Brothers

When is a deal breaker not a deal breaker?
(Or…are the limits you put on who you are willing to date keeping you from finding happiness?)

So, I’ve been tasked with talking about deal breakers as if I know anything about them. Well, maybe I do because I am sure I have done things, said things and just plain been things that were absolute deal breakers to many women. So it goes. We all have boundaries or unique tastes, or social perceptions that guide (or limit) our love life possibilities. I’m not here to convince anyone to change their “love criteria” or values or criticize what you like. Just prompting you to take a look at things and wonder…hmm… “why do I limit myself?”

Of course this does not apply if you are happy ensconced in the relationship of your dreams. But if you are single, making repeated “mistakes” or have just plain given up on dating, let’s weigh some variables that may broaden your approach to who is, and who is not acceptable dating material.

So let’s look at some typical limitations that some of us put on ourselves. Some of these areas are personal, some social and some cultural. All of us have innate attractions or dislikes that cannot be explained – nothing wrong with those. People also tend to date where they are most comfortable. There’s a reason that birds of feather flock together – and that’s cool. It’s created beautiful cultures. But if your dating circle of birds is not working for you – it may be time to get the flock out of there.


1. Ethnicity–Really? I’m going to start there?! Well, why not? I know it’s a big, semi-post-racial world we live in and this should be a given. Inter-racial and inter-ethnic dating is nothing new, and it’s pretty cool. But some of us may have hard-wired images in our mind. “I never pictured myself dating/marrying a…” Sound familiar? Well, some people in that group have thought the same about you too. Preferring your own group is maybe, somewhat, kind-of natural. But completely taking other races off the radar of love? Well that’s sort of silly. We all have hearts and we all seek love and want to share love. In fact, it’s THE thing that we all have most in common! Guess what else? You may learn something interesting, have fun in new ways, and develop a greater appreciation for other groups. And, you might just fall in love…let the world deal with it.

2. Body Type–Oh boy. Another powder keg. So that girl at work that you get along with so well is a bit of a chubby-chub? That guy you know from school that is so hilarious – he can barely see over his steering wheel right? Off limits? So how much of your identity is wrapped up in your date’s physical identity? I’m not saying date the ugliest person you can find, but if you find you REALLY like someone, and they REALLY like you then your souls are probably connecting a bit. There’s something stimulating and attractive about that isn’t there? And if the minds and souls are connecting, it’s somewhat likely it’s your limits that are keeping things from moving forward. Maybe take a little chance on a bigger girl, or a big chance on a smaller guy (see what I did there?). Yes, there are chubby guys, skyscraper girls, skinny folk, flat-chested ladies, dudes with big noses and all sorts of other physical characteristics you might not consider ideal. Time to move beyond the (literally) superficial? It’s up to you.

3. Income Level–It’s an expensive world out there and the good old DINK (double income, no kids) couple seems to have it most easy – and maybe they do. There’s nothing wrong with success. But for some it’s not all about success. It might be about balance, or personal growth, or artistic development. They may not have the car, the house or the clothes you might idealize. Time to check the materialism gene and how important it is to you. Obviously no one wants an unemployable failure. Likewise, there should be some ambition; he should want to share more with you than a bag of cheese-puffs on a couch in his mom’s basement. She should also contribute to, as well as dispose of, income – and have dreams and goals of her own. But how high is high enough? Some of the sweetest, kindest, most honest, loving people are middle class (or even lower!). Shocking I know. If your nose is in the air and you can’t see them, you may just walk by the love of your life. At least you’ll have that fancy handbag, or that expensive pair of brogues to keep you warm at night. Oops…sorry, I told myself no sarcasm. Darn it.

4. Education level–What percentage of Americans graduated college in 1940? About 12%. So, were our grandparents a bunch of dummies? Hardly. Now, times have changed and a college degree helps a ton in getting by and getting ahead. But it’s not absolutely necessary. Brad Pitt. Steve Jobs. Oprah. Walt Disney. None of them made it through college. So – be a little bit flexible. After all, intelligence and education level are not the same thing. People can be interesting and talented and successful without the diploma. While I do totally support people getting all the education they desire, some people just need less than others. Now if we’re talking about someone who dropped out of 8th grade, or never got a GED, I might think twice. See even I have some limits. Okay – I’ll work on it.

5. Religion–Yikes. All right, this area is VERY personal and you should follow your own convictions. But (yes, there’s a but) is being of the same religion or spiritual thinking an absolute for you? Fine if it is – but not so surprisingly on a planet of 7 billion people, there are mixed-belief couples of every combination and they love each other deeply. Yes, they may lack in sharing something very important with each other, but that doesn’t preclude or nullify the love they share. Agnostics love Christians. Hindus love Buddhists. Jews love Atheists. Some people of the same faith even love each other. (Yes, that’s a joke.) See the thing in common here? LOVE. Now, if this feels like a compromise or betrayal to you, stick to your beliefs. But (again!) if you can be tolerant and accepting of your partner’s beliefs and they can be tolerant and accepting of yours – love might just be the bond you share most strongly and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Wow. So, when I started writing this I thought of the subjects I should avoid and now I have written only about those subjects. I went a bit further than deal-breakers like a pretty girl chewing with her mouth open, or an otherwise cool dude being a Justin Bieber fan (those things cannot be forgiven). Instead it led me to these areas that are somewhat taboo.

If your deal breakers include wrong color, wrong weight, wrong job, wrong accent, wrong beliefs, wrong politics – your pool of possibilities just might be smaller than necessary. If you broaden your circle, you will increase the chances that you will find love. Simple math.

As for “birds of a feather” there is nothing wrong with Eagles dating Eagles and Emus dating Emus. In fact it’s pretty great. But, on a personal level, if you’re an Eagle and dating other Eagles isn’t working out for you, you might want to walk over to that neighboring watering hole and say hello to that cute little Emu. Your hearts might just take flight.

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