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Beyonce Reveals 2008 Wedding Dress!

Wait.. 2008? That’s right. Beyonce was married three years ago and she JUST revealed a sneak peek of her wedding dress! No, it’s not a professional photograph, no it’s not even on a mannequin. No, it wasn’t a ten page feature in US Weekly. A few days ago, Beyonce released a very nostalgic video for the song, “I Was Here (Live at Roseland)”. The very moving Vevo music vid included very intimate looks into her life through home videos, monumental achievements, memorable moments and some are just the everyday life of Beyonce. One of the scenes included her fitting into her glamorous wedding gown (without make up)! Never to have been revealed before, here is a screenshot of it:

Now.. there’s something to be said here about how Beyonce handled her own wedding. Doesn’t it seem like every other celebrity has a televised wedding special? I’m starting to wonder if there is some sort of correlation between a televised wedding special and divorce. I seriously give Beyonce brownie points for not going down the cashcow route. What Beyonce did here was so raw, intimate and so.. REAL. Something that’s hard to find in Hollywood, now a days.

Anyway, with that said.. her dress? Sooo glamorous! Check out all that cascading fabric. The wedding of JayZ and Beyonce took place three years ago, in 2008 and details has never been revealed to the public (I think some celebrities need to take notes *ahem*..KimK *cough*). Watch the entire video of “I Was Here”, it’s so inspiring and amazing… What else can you expect from Beyonce? Be sure to grab a tissue.

So, what do you think of her wedding dress choice? Do you hope that she’ll reveal other wedding details later on?

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Bridal Party Gets Down To Usher

It seems like the traditional first dance at a wedding is a thing of the past. This couple takes it to the next level during their first dance and even gets the bridal party involved. Love the OMG song by Usher–it was one of my favs last summer–the actual dance, well the verdict is still out. Looks super fun though & that’s all that matters. Go bridal party, get busy.

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Beyonce Makes Beautiful Bride In Latest Video

What a gorgeous, show-stopping bride in her latest music video Best Thing I Never Had. You go Miss Beyonce! (I’m sure hubby Jay Z is one proud, happy man.) Just wondering, is the garter-removing moment in her video too sexy for a real ceremony? Let us know.

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Funny First Dance at Weddings

Summer Weddings are near and I’m wondering if the new trend is to totally catch your guests off guard by breaking into a wild dance routine, similar to what this couple does at 1:16. Take a look and let us know your thoughts. (Must admit he’s a pretty good dancer!)

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Robbins Brothers Congratulates Prince William & Kate – The Famous Kisses on the Balcony

Still suffering from Royal Wedding Fever. I’ve watched footage on CNN, NBC, ABC, KTLA, CBS and TLC, but my favorite commentary by far was on the BBC, naturally.

Without further adieu, the two kisses on the Buckingham Palace balcony that have made history:

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