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Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal At Surf and Sand Laguna

Valentine’s Day is finally here and what better way to top it off than with a surprise marriage proposal, beach-side at the luxurious Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, CA?? Enter Matthew, been together with his sweetheart, Linda for about three years and wants to ask her the ultimate question of all questions.


Matthew specially picked out a Tacori engagement ring from their Full Bloom collection (Tacori Style #55-2RD65). A stunning floral-styled halo surrounds the center diamond:


Olivia at Robbins Brothers Fullerton was able to rush the special Tacori Platinum Engagement Ring for Matthew so that he could propose in time for Valentine’s Day!

Watch as Matthew and the Love Team ambush Linda and land that Tacori ring on her finger:


MatthewLindaKTLA02 (2)

Matthew and Linda will be celebrating with the decadent Aphrodisiac BonBon Heart Collection compliments of Chuao Chocolatier and a romantic dinner at Flemings Prime Steakhouse. Congratulations to the JUST ENGAGED couple!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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One Of A Kind Love: 5 Unique Marriage Proposals

The Robbins Brothers team loves to celebrate unique love stories that touch our hearts in one way or another. Here are 5 of our favorite unique marriage proposals. Some were sent in by happy customers excited to share their proposal, others we’ve had a hand in helping set up! All in all, we love hearing about proposals and the unique love story that could never be made up.

The Marquee Proposal! Joseph proposed to Jennifer at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, where they first met!

Just Engaged! Joseph Mandracchia & Jennifer Brooks of San Francisco, CA

Just Engaged! Joseph Mandracchia & Jennifer Brooks of San Francisco, CA

The one where Stan serenades Janelle with “Angel” by Casting Crowns. So romantic!

The proposal involving a pet! How adorable is this little guy? With a bow tie, too! Italian food, candlelight and their little couple’s best friend!

Jenny & Jeff's cute dog that helped with the marriage proposal!

Jenny & Jeff’s cute dog that helped with the marriage proposal!

The Marathon Proposal! Jon Nery proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Cheryl as she crossed the finish line at the Surf City Half-Marathon. What a way to take her breath away… after running 13 miles!

Robbins Brothers Customer Proposes to Girlfriend at Surf City Half-Marathon

Sergeant Jasmine was so in love with her boyfriend, Sergeant Luis. They met and bonded while they were in the same Army Reserve Unit. Confidence just overflows from Jasmine. She knew what she wanted and decided to go the non-traditional route. After she surprises and proposes to Luis, he in turn proposes to her! This unique love story (and this adorable military couple) makes hearts melt!

Do you have a unique proposal story? Tell us your love story and share your proposal!

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Our Favorite Holiday Marriage Proposal Videos

I know that most people hate Christmas music blaring on the radio and the crowded malls, but I absolutely love it. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I actually start listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving! What else gets me in the mood for Christmas? Romance! Here are a few of my favorite holiday marriage proposal videos:

Holiday Proposal Vidos

Ah, the old toast in front of the family. I love this proposal because it always catches the unsuspecting person off guard with the whole, “What are you doing.. you’re giving a toast??”! Also, I spy with my little eye.. a Robbins Brothers lighted ring box!

A proposal could have come straight from an episode of Glee. This sweet All I Want For Christmas Is You proposal was too cute to pass up! And the students helped sing along! This teacher gets an A+!

This sweet sweet man drove 10 hours to surprise his then-girlfriend with a marriage proposal! The scene was set when he sent her a box of gifts and had created a video for her. Check out the surprise:

This cute silly couple is just adorable and her reaction to the ring… priceless. Santa Clause brings a surprise for an unsuspecting someone:

Do you have any holiday proposal vids we just have to see? Share with us in the comments!

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Skydiving Marriage Proposal

Skydiving Proposal! Federico and Jain get engaged with the help of Lori in Robbins Brothers' Ring Center!

Engaged! Skydiving Surprise and Proposal for Federico and Jian

Engagement Date September 21, 2013
Wedding Date 2015

In Federico’s Words:

How did you two meet?
We met in Costa Rica in 1995. We were both young teenagers and immediately fell in love. After 2 years she moved back to USA and I stayed behind. We lost connection and each went on with our lives. I moved to CA a couple of years after our breakup. Last year in March of 2012, 14+ years later, we met up again in Costa Rica. We decided to be together from that moment on and this time forever.

How did you propose?
First I surprised her by going skydiving. As she was getting ready to land I placed a sign on the ground which she read before she touched ground. Find here a link to two videos. One video is our engagement pictures and the other our engagement video from start to finish. They’re short films and shouldn’t take up much of your time. I hope you enjoy our skydiving marriage proposal as much as we do.

What do you love most about your engagement ring?
I love the elegant and traditional look of the ring. It reminds me of a ring my father gave my mother once many years ago. Special thanks to Lori Harris in Robbins Brothers’ Ring Center for helping me pick it out.

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Halloween Proposal Ideas

Costumes, sweets and surprises! These are the best elements for a marriage proposal! There are some couples that just absolutely love the fun and exciting festivities revolving around Halloween. It might even make sense to propose marriage during the spooky holiday. Costumes also add the element of surprise. Here are some ideas you might want to consider for a Halloween proposal:

img src: glamour.com

img src: glamour.com

Carve the proposal into a pumpkin: A reader named Courtney told Glamour that she and her boyfriend had a pumpkin-carving contest. Her boyfriend insisted they hide their pumpkins until they were done. On the big reveal, he turned his pumpkin around and it read: “MARRY ME?” He definitely won the contest. The pretty lighted pumpkin also adds an element of romance.

Hide The Ring In A Pumpkin: Another way to incorporate the pumpkin is to carve a pumpkin with  her, but already have the ring planted inside the pumpkin. The easy way to go about this is to carve a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin, fill it with your surprise, and place the piece back on.

Wear A Costume And Surprise Her: Being that it’s Halloween, it’ll be easy to hide behind a mask and surprise her somewhere totally unexpected… like while trick or treating with a group of kids.

Did you propose to your sweetheart on Halloween? Spill the detail and let us know how! Would you like to be proposed to during Halloween?

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