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Planning A Proposal? Anticipation = Romance

By guest blogger Lori Harris, Ring Center Specialist for Robbins Brothers

Over the years, I have planned hundreds of proposals. In many cases, I hear “If I do that, she will know something is up.” Or “If I send her flowers, she will know what’s about to happen.” For some reason, many men feel that the proposal needs to be “shocking” like jumping out of the bushes in full camouflage shouting MARRY ME!
Dave Kollette proposal

Here’s the truth. We LOVE anticipation. Moments when opening the door and seeing rose petals scattered, or receiving a treasure map, hand-delivered to us at work with a red X that marks the spot of our first date, or the invitation to a “special night out” a day or two beforehand. These moments that you create, are the beginning of her story. The story she will tell for the rest of her life. Make a smart choice here gentlemen. If I told you that you earn “brownie points” every time she tells that story (forever) wouldn’t you want to make it amazing? Trust me, you do.

If you need a little help creating that perfect marriage proposal from scratch or simply polishing up your ideas, let us know. You can contact any of our stores directly or call our Ring Center at 800.295.1543. In the meantime, check out some of our most recent proposals but grab a Kleenex first.

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Top 5 Valentine’s Proposal Spots

By guest blogger The Yes Girls

Planning your Valentine’s proposal and need some romantic location ideas? No problem! We have some amazingly beautiful and quite romantic suggestions for you. Check out our Top 5 Valentine’s Proposal Spots. These hot locales are guaranteed to get you a YES from your bride-to-be.

Beringer Winery–Napa Valley, CA
The entire experience will be top notch. Not only will a couple sip delicious wines but they have multiple houses, gardens, groves, and wine cellars for an intimate or public proposal. Whether you want the lush outdoor vineyards or a candlelit cellar, this place is stunning.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Casa Romantica–San Clemente, CA
This venue has a beautiful, unbeatable ocean view! The best part…with the wide open patio, it’s like a blank canvas, the proposal décor and vibe can be catered to yours and your future fiancées style. Talk about romantic!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Reunion Tower–Dallas, TX
If you’re looking for the most spectacular view of Dallas then Reunion Tower is definitely your best pick! This revolving ball in the sky is not only an essential part of the Dallas Skyline, but it also has a world renown restaurant inside of it! Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck has incredible menu options from sushi to steak. Your proposal in Dallas is sure to be a hit at Reunion Tower!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Eleanor Tinsley Park–Houston, TX
The best view of the Houston Skyline is hands down at Eleanor Tinsley Park! This park is a section of the Buffalo Bayou and is just off Sabine Street. Your outdoor marriage proposal would be perfect with the skyline as your backdrop!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Iron Cactus–Austin, TX
Austin is known for its fun music scene and all the great rooftop bars on 6th Street. Well I have to say, that The Iron Cactus Mexican Grill is probably one of my favorites! They have a great indoor-outdoor rooftop with great views and their food is to die for! Plus, in Austin fashion, they have live music on the weekends! Your rooftop proposal is bound to be a great success at Iron Cactus!

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Photo courtesy of

The Yes Girls plan marriage proposals and romantic events across the US and abroad! Their team of creative, romance experts help personalize your proposal, tie your ideas together, coordinate the details and ultimately give you a female’s perspective so you can give your fiancée-to-be her dream proposal story!

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5 Things to Remember on Proposal Day

By guest blogger Dan Decker, Ring Center Manager for Robbins Brothers


So the day has finally come. After weeks of searching for the perfect ring, planning the perfect venue, speaking with her parents and (GULP) asking for her father’s permission, you are finally ready to say those 4 simple words. WHAT AM I DOING? Will You Marry Me? We’ve compiled our list of the 5 things to remember on Proposal Day based on years of experience and the stories of thousands of guys just like you. Enjoy.

Confirm your reservations!
The last thing you need today is someone else you are relying on to not come through. Give a quick call to the restaurant where you made your reservation, and remind them what you are doing tonight. Most restaurants love to help and get involved so don’t be afraid to drop the P word! If you’ve hired a photographer or asked a friend to take some pictures to capture the moment, touch base with them as well.

It is a proven fact that proposing is not a natural function of the common man (well maybe not proven but it should be). How do you overcome that tongue that keeps getting in the way? Practice, Practice, Practice. Start by writing down all the reasons why you want to marry her and remember that this is your time to express your love for her. Be natural and don’t memorize your “script,” just practice so when the time comes, it will flow naturally.

Calm Your Nerves
If you wake up in a cold sweat the day of the proposal, you are not alone. Sharing our feelings and being vulnerable top the list of things that don’t come naturally. Take some time the morning of the proposal to relax and calm your nerves. A workout at the gym or a nice run will work, but even just taking an hour to relax with a cup of coffee can do wonders to get you into the right frame of mind. Remind yourself throughout the day that no one is expecting perfection. It is usually the things that go wrong that make the proposal memorable and fun! If you can’t seem to get a handle on your nerves, just be sure to grab some of that extra strength antiperspirant and apply liberally!

Get Your Props
Props may not be the right word after all; you’re probably not filming a movie. Basically, I’m talking about all the little things you may need to pull this off without a hitch. Do you want to have her favorite flowers on the table, a glass of champagne for the celebration after, or did you want to wear that shirt that she loves so much on you? Make sure these things are ready. Nothing is worse than realizing that you don’t have clean underwear 30 minutes before your date!

The Ring
This may seem like a no brainer but it must be said! The ring is a symbol of this awesome step in your relationship and really is the centerpiece of this entire night. Make sure you know where you are going to place your ring. Fumbling to find the pocket you put the ring in is an unnecessary source of awkward silence. Know where you put the ring! And as an added bonus, I will throw this in as a freebie…Stick to a pocket, putting the ring in food is so not OK.

The Proposal Day is going to be memorable for both of you so just be yourself and let her know why she is the one. I do have one other “remember to…” Even if you forget all your lines, your props, the reservations and the clean underwear, don’t forget to get down on one knee. The proposal will just flow from there. While I realize it’s not the 1950’s, this is one tradition that is still going strong. She will love this classic and beautiful display of respect for her and this moment.

I hope you find these helpful. Of course as always, if you have any other suggestions or stories, we would love to hear them.

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Your Chance to Propose Live on TV!


Do you live in the Los Angeles or San Diego area and ready to surprise your girlfriend with a sweet and exciting marriage proposal on live television? Do you need a little financial assistance with the ring? No worries, we might be able to help!

Please email as soon as possible for more details.

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20 Perfect Proposal Tips from the Experts

Surprise Proposal at Disneyworld for Steve & Dee

Surprise Proposal at Disneyworld for Steve & Dee

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we know many hopeful grooms are planning to make their marriage proposal an event to remember; the ultimate date that will sweep her off her feet and garner tears of joy for days and years to come–if you do it right (wink). With so many details to remember leading up to the BIG day that you pop the BIG question, we’ve gathered some priceless proposal tips from planners right in our very own stores. After all, this is what they do day in and day out….so relax fellas, as always we’ve got you covered!

Top Tips from Michelle Cruz, Customer Experience Manager / Proposal Planner at Robbins Brothers Glendale

Michelle Cruz--Robbins Brothers Glendale

Michelle Cruz–Robbins Brothers Glendale CA

Proposal Tip #1
Don’t act weird. Your girl knows YOU best. She’ll know something’s up if you don’t act yourself.

Proposal Tip #2
If you plan on proposing over dinner, wait until dessert. If you propose before dinner, chances are she’ll be too excited to eat.

Proposal Tip #3
Have her sit with her back towards the dining room. This way, if you have a special dessert come, she’ll never see it coming.

Proposal Tip #4
Leave a special note for her to find after the proposal. Your handwritten note saying, “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you” will let her know this was just as special to you as it is for her. If you live apart, have her roommate leave it on her bed. If you live together, send flowers to her job the following day. She’ll be bragging to coworkers when her flowers arrive!

Top Tips from Jazmin Aguilar, Customer Experience Manager / Proposal Planner at Robbins Brothers Fullerton

Jazmin Aguilar--Robbins Brothers Fullerton

Jazmin Aguilar–Robbins Brothers Fullerton CA

Proposal Tip #5
Definitely “Capture The Moment.” Have a family member or friend there to take video or photos of the memories. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to document the expression on her face when you get down on one knee.

Proposal Tip #6
Remember that the “Early Bird Gets The Worm.” If you are planning to propose on vacation, consider popping the question early on. Most men anticipate the proposal and aren’t able to enjoy the trip. Remember that your woman knows you better than anyone, she can tell when something is off.

Proposal Tip #7
Don’t be “Afraid To Ask Questions.” Have an idea of how your girlfriend would like to get engaged. Know if she would like something private between the two of you, or an elaborate, dramatic display of love. You may be surprised by her answer.

Proposal Tip #8
“Traditional Is Not Overrated”- Before you get down on one knee, be sure to get the blessing from her parents. You want to respect her family by asking them for her hand in marriage first. Oh, and have the ring to show them when you do. That will prove to them that your intent is sincere.

Top Tips from Alishia Sullins, Customer Experience Manager / Proposal Planner at Robbins Brothers Clearlake (Baybrook)

Alishia Sullins--Clearlake/Baybrook

Alishia Sullins–Robbins Brothers Clearlake/Baybrook TX

Proposal Tip #9
It’s okay to ask for help. You would be amazed at what restaurants and other places would do to help out with your proposal. Always call ahead and ask for the Manager. Explain what you would like to do, and ask what they can do to help you. Most times they will be equally excited to help pull off the surprise.

Proposal Tip #10
If you are not sure of her ring style, a solitaire is always your best bet. Then you can bring her shopping for the ring style of her dreams, and have her diamond set in it.

Proposal Tip #11
Don’t ever check your ring with your luggage at the airport. Always keep it on you, or in your carry-on. Also be aware of going through security with the ring (in case of baggage check, and your future fiancé standing close by).

Proposal Tip #12
Something sweet for after you propose: On the same day of the proposal, have a sweet letter written out to your fiancé about what he or she means to you. Give it to them after the proposal at the end of the day. It will make them smile (or cry), and it will get you major brownie points.

Top Tips from Elaine Stevens, Customer Experience Associate / Proposal Planner at Robbins Brothers Bellevue

Elaine Stevens--Robbins Brothers Bellevue

Elaine Stevens–Robbins Brothers Bellevue WA

Proposal Tip #13
Don’t put the ring into ANYTHING that she is supposed to consume.

Proposal Tip #14
Insure the ring before you propose.

Proposal Tip #15
Don’t propose over water (or any other place where if the ring drops it is gone forever) unless you have it safety rigged somehow.

Proposal Tip #16
Have someone there to either videotape the proposal or take pictures for your album and the video montage at the wedding.

Top Tips from Janet Felix, Customer Experience Associate / Proposal Planner at Robbins Brothers San Diego

Janet Felix--Robbins Brothers San Diego

Janet Felix–Robbins Brothers San Diego

Proposal Tip #17
Make sure she’s completely unaware of any surprise you might be planning.

Proposal Tip #18
Definitely keep in mind whether she’s shy, or open for a public proposal.

Proposal Tip #19
Make this a day she will remember for the rest of her life by recording the event.

Proposal Tip #20
On that day when presenting her with the engagement ring, make sure you tell her exactly why she’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

If you have questions or need proposal tips for planning YOUR engagement, email us at We’d love to help.

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