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Robbins Brothers Engagement Party Photos

There’s nothing better we love to do than celebrate your entire engagement experience, from helping you pick the perfect ring to planning the proposal, and then connecting you with the best wedding vendors in town. This past weekend six of our stores hosted a fun Engagement Party for newly engaged couples in the area and let’s just say…“There’s no party like a Robbins Brothers party.” The photos tell the story.

Nikki Closser Photography sets up shop at our Bellevue, Washington store.

What a decadent wedding cake! Emerald City Cakes & Chocolates delighted our Washington couples with something sweet.

Always Fun & Fabulous Giveaways at our Parties! We want you to Sparkle!

Well you know the saying, everything is bigger in Texas. What can we say. Our Arlington team put on one heck of a party with some of the hottest vendors in town.

Chris "Smiity" Smith, GM of Robbins Brothers Arlington with his awesome associates.

Chris “Smiity” Smith, general manager of Robbins Brothers Arlington with his awesome team.

Nothing Bundt Cakes delivers tasty treats for our guests.

Couples mingle with vendors and shop for wedding bands too!

Robbins Brothers Arlington Engagement Party

Robbins Brothers Arlington Engagement Party

Couples look for wedding bands at Robbins Brothers Arlington

Couples look for wedding bands at Robbins Brothers Arlington

Consider Alfred Angelo for your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dress

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dress

We really do get butterflies in our stomachs when we hear the stories of how you met your True Love.

And sometimes there are even surprise marriage proposals inside of the store! Just like at the San Diego location. Yep, we ring bells & everything. So exciting.

Couple gets engaged at Robbins Brothers San Diego.

Couple gets engaged at Robbins Brothers San Diego.

More than anything, we just want you to have fun & walk away with a little inspiration.

San Diego Engagement Party--10/26/2014

Robbins Brothers San Diego Engagement Party–10/26/2014

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5 Deal Breakers To Ditch If You Want To Find True Happiness


By Todd Carlson, Creative Manager for Robbins Brothers

When is a deal breaker not a deal breaker?
(Or…are the limits you put on who you are willing to date keeping you from finding happiness?)

So, I’ve been tasked with talking about deal breakers as if I know anything about them. Well, maybe I do because I am sure I have done things, said things and just plain been things that were absolute deal breakers to many women. So it goes. We all have boundaries or unique tastes, or social perceptions that guide (or limit) our love life possibilities. I’m not here to convince anyone to change their “love criteria” or values or criticize what you like. Just prompting you to take a look at things and wonder…hmm… “why do I limit myself?”

Of course this does not apply if you are happy ensconced in the relationship of your dreams. But if you are single, making repeated “mistakes” or have just plain given up on dating, let’s weigh some variables that may broaden your approach to who is, and who is not acceptable dating material.

So let’s look at some typical limitations that some of us put on ourselves. Some of these areas are personal, some social and some cultural. All of us have innate attractions or dislikes that cannot be explained – nothing wrong with those. People also tend to date where they are most comfortable. There’s a reason that birds of feather flock together – and that’s cool. It’s created beautiful cultures. But if your dating circle of birds is not working for you – it may be time to get the flock out of there.


1. Ethnicity–Really? I’m going to start there?! Well, why not? I know it’s a big, semi-post-racial world we live in and this should be a given. Inter-racial and inter-ethnic dating is nothing new, and it’s pretty cool. But some of us may have hard-wired images in our mind. “I never pictured myself dating/marrying a…” Sound familiar? Well, some people in that group have thought the same about you too. Preferring your own group is maybe, somewhat, kind-of natural. But completely taking other races off the radar of love? Well that’s sort of silly. We all have hearts and we all seek love and want to share love. In fact, it’s THE thing that we all have most in common! Guess what else? You may learn something interesting, have fun in new ways, and develop a greater appreciation for other groups. And, you might just fall in love…let the world deal with it.

2. Body Type–Oh boy. Another powder keg. So that girl at work that you get along with so well is a bit of a chubby-chub? That guy you know from school that is so hilarious – he can barely see over his steering wheel right? Off limits? So how much of your identity is wrapped up in your date’s physical identity? I’m not saying date the ugliest person you can find, but if you find you REALLY like someone, and they REALLY like you then your souls are probably connecting a bit. There’s something stimulating and attractive about that isn’t there? And if the minds and souls are connecting, it’s somewhat likely it’s your limits that are keeping things from moving forward. Maybe take a little chance on a bigger girl, or a big chance on a smaller guy (see what I did there?). Yes, there are chubby guys, skyscraper girls, skinny folk, flat-chested ladies, dudes with big noses and all sorts of other physical characteristics you might not consider ideal. Time to move beyond the (literally) superficial? It’s up to you.

3. Income Level–It’s an expensive world out there and the good old DINK (double income, no kids) couple seems to have it most easy – and maybe they do. There’s nothing wrong with success. But for some it’s not all about success. It might be about balance, or personal growth, or artistic development. They may not have the car, the house or the clothes you might idealize. Time to check the materialism gene and how important it is to you. Obviously no one wants an unemployable failure. Likewise, there should be some ambition; he should want to share more with you than a bag of cheese-puffs on a couch in his mom’s basement. She should also contribute to, as well as dispose of, income – and have dreams and goals of her own. But how high is high enough? Some of the sweetest, kindest, most honest, loving people are middle class (or even lower!). Shocking I know. If your nose is in the air and you can’t see them, you may just walk by the love of your life. At least you’ll have that fancy handbag, or that expensive pair of brogues to keep you warm at night. Oops…sorry, I told myself no sarcasm. Darn it.

4. Education level–What percentage of Americans graduated college in 1940? About 12%. So, were our grandparents a bunch of dummies? Hardly. Now, times have changed and a college degree helps a ton in getting by and getting ahead. But it’s not absolutely necessary. Brad Pitt. Steve Jobs. Oprah. Walt Disney. None of them made it through college. So – be a little bit flexible. After all, intelligence and education level are not the same thing. People can be interesting and talented and successful without the diploma. While I do totally support people getting all the education they desire, some people just need less than others. Now if we’re talking about someone who dropped out of 8th grade, or never got a GED, I might think twice. See even I have some limits. Okay – I’ll work on it.

5. Religion–Yikes. All right, this area is VERY personal and you should follow your own convictions. But (yes, there’s a but) is being of the same religion or spiritual thinking an absolute for you? Fine if it is – but not so surprisingly on a planet of 7 billion people, there are mixed-belief couples of every combination and they love each other deeply. Yes, they may lack in sharing something very important with each other, but that doesn’t preclude or nullify the love they share. Agnostics love Christians. Hindus love Buddhists. Jews love Atheists. Some people of the same faith even love each other. (Yes, that’s a joke.) See the thing in common here? LOVE. Now, if this feels like a compromise or betrayal to you, stick to your beliefs. But (again!) if you can be tolerant and accepting of your partner’s beliefs and they can be tolerant and accepting of yours – love might just be the bond you share most strongly and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Wow. So, when I started writing this I thought of the subjects I should avoid and now I have written only about those subjects. I went a bit further than deal-breakers like a pretty girl chewing with her mouth open, or an otherwise cool dude being a Justin Bieber fan (those things cannot be forgiven). Instead it led me to these areas that are somewhat taboo.

If your deal breakers include wrong color, wrong weight, wrong job, wrong accent, wrong beliefs, wrong politics – your pool of possibilities just might be smaller than necessary. If you broaden your circle, you will increase the chances that you will find love. Simple math.

As for “birds of a feather” there is nothing wrong with Eagles dating Eagles and Emus dating Emus. In fact it’s pretty great. But, on a personal level, if you’re an Eagle and dating other Eagles isn’t working out for you, you might want to walk over to that neighboring watering hole and say hello to that cute little Emu. Your hearts might just take flight.

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Celebrate Your Engagement At Mission Viejo Party

Mission Viejo Engagement Party-Nov16

Celebrate Your Engagement at Robbins Brothers Mission Viejo!
Bring Your Significant Other or Your Bridal Party. Or both.

Sunday, November 16 | 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Get a head-start on Wedding Planning with our featured Vendors:

  • Party In A Box Catering
  • Marbella Country Club
  • Beauty Unveiled
  • The Cupcake Store
  • Ruffle Effect | Stationery & Floral Design
  • Robert Yee Photography

Raffle prizes including gorgeous jewelry & other giveaways throughout the event.

Call 949.364.6639 to RSVP.

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3 Freaky Halloween Marriage Proposal Ideas

By guest blogger Mark Estrada, Robbins Brothers Marketing Assistant

October is not known for being the most romantic month; however that didn’t stop the Pumpkin King from finding the next Mrs. Skellington and it shouldn’t stop you. So if you’re into it, here are some Halloween proposal ideas to make sure your proposal doesn’t end up as the Nightmare before Christmas.

Haunted Maze Proposal
You know her better than anyone else, and a mischievous smile has started to curl your lips. The idea here is to set up a haunted maze just for her, and right when you have her where you want her jump out and slam that ghoulish knee to the ground! Hopefully the slap is met with a follow up kiss and embrace, if not you probably knew better.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Trick or Treat
Do not give the ring to a complete stranger and expect to ever see it again. Now that we have that disclaimer out of the way, consider giving the ring to a complete stranger or just someone your potential fiancée doesn’t know. After you’ve set up the proposal proceed to trick or treat ending up at this stranger’s house. When the unsuspecting ring bearer answers the door, have your girl say “trick or treat” and have the person hand your girlfriend the ring. When she turns to you for an explanation she will see you poised and ready for her answer.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Grow old with me
In the spirit of Bad Grandpa, minus academy award nominated makeup, consider dressing up as old folks with your lady. I’m talking about grey wigs and horn rimmed glasses while the two of you enjoy whatever Halloween festivities are available. Once the day is done and coming to a close, pull your “Old Lady” aside, avoid breaking a hip and ask her to grow old with you.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Scary, sweet or just plain unexpected, if you plan to propose on All Hallows’ Eve, make sure to share the experience here or pass your ideas on for the other Halloweenies out there looking for a Pumpkin Queen.

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Memorable Proposal At Seattle Mariners Baseball Game

Wade & Jessi of Seattle, WA. Just Engaged!

Wade & Jessi of Seattle, WA. Just Engaged!

Engagement Date  September 28, 2014
Wedding Date  TBD

How did you two meet?
We met in high school.

How did you propose?
I proposed to her at the final Seattle Mariners game of the season at Safeco Field. After the game I brought her down the stairs close to the field for pictures with my family and friends (about 15 close friends and family). And then afterwards got on one knee in the aisle and had the engagement box inside a cut-out baseball! Also with 2 dozen red and pink roses my friend helped me deliver.

Wade proposes to Jessi at the Seattle Mariners game! She said YES.

Wade proposes to Jessi at the Seattle Mariners game! She said YES.

baseball engagement ring box

What does she love most about her engagement ring?
She loves the simplicity of the round solitaire. She also is a big advocate of the 6-prong placement, she feels it showcases the 1 carat colorless diamond even more! It’s something she will never get tired of looking at and it’ll never go out of style! Our grandchildren will agree how beautiful it is even 50 years from now.

Wade presented Jesse with a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring with side stones from Robbins Brothers.

Wade presented Jessi with a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring with side stones from Robbins Brothers.

I bought it from the Woodland Hills, CA store while on vacation, but then had it shipped to our home near the Seattle, WA downtown store and picked it up there while on a lunch break. I proposed on the 28th of the month because 28 is a special number to us. Having both our birthdays on the 28th of our months, so it was fitting for this to be the same for the engagement and hopefully the wedding too!

Wade and Jessi, welcome to the Robbins Brothers Family! Best Wishes for a Happy Engagement! Enjoy every single moment of it. xoxo

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