Robbins Brothers Shines with Introduction of Northern Lights Diamond

Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store launches the Northern Lights Diamond as part of its new Engagement Diamond assortment.

Los Angeles, CA–July 7, 2014–Today Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store exclusively launches the Northern Lights diamond which originates from the highest quality diamond mines in the frozen Canadian tundra. When meticulously cut, the Northern Lights diamond sparkles and releases a full spectrum of the bright lights of the North.

Every Robbins Brothers Northern Lights diamond comes with an AGS Platinum Certification as well as a Certificate of Origin proving it is mined, cut and polished in Canada—which has the strictest environment regulations for mining, cutting, polishing and a commitment to social responsibility. The diamond is also laser inscribed with a unique serial number and the iconic Canadian maple leaf that identifies it as a Canadian diamond.

Northern Lights

“We are so pleased to introduce the Northern Lights diamond to our engagement ring customers,” said Joseph Soto, director of diamonds for Robbins Brothers. “These spectacular diamonds have been carefully selected for one main purpose, and that’s to be the sparkling centerpiece of the consumer’s engagement ring.”

Robbins Brothers’ buyers hand-select every diamond based on visual beauty, structural integrity and quality. One out of 10 diamonds meets the criteria to be a part of the company’s Engagement Diamond collections. Shoppers can explore Northern Lights and other Engagement Diamond brands by visiting

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4 Sweet Marriage Proposals On Fourth of July!

I’m getting ramped up for the Independence Day festivities and I just can’t wait to check out the bright fireworks shows!


We’re also getting excited for the holiday by checking out any cute marriage proposals on Fourth of July. Here are four of our favorites:

This super romantic proposal has it all: Romance, the shock value, adorable pictures, the sweetest song and beautiful fireworks! Just try not to tear up to this romantic song.

The simplicity of this video is what I love about this marriage proposal. The romantic silhouette of him on bended knee and the bright, popping fireworks is pretty romantic in its simple way. And when she leans in for a kiss to signify “yes” is just too cute. Then the fade out with the end of the fireworks. I just love this proposal!

This guy decided to propose to his girlfriend by shouting it over the rooftops on Fourth of July! Great concept and adorable execution, but I have to suggest other people not to do this! Imagine if she fainted… lost her footing? Or if she jumped up and down? When you’re being asked to marry the love of your life, we suggest you stay away from high ledges and slippery slopes! Cute proposal, though!

Finally, I had to include a proposal video that involved the good old American tradition: baseball!! A man decides to propose to his girlfriend on the field, which is where they had their second date, a year prior on 4th of July!

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Custom Padparadschra Sapphire Engagement Ring for Sweet Marriage Proposal

Just Engaged! One of our very own, Robbins Brothers' visual merchandising coordinator Brandy Velasquez & fiance Leon.

Just Engaged! One of our very own, Robbins Brothers’ visual merchandising coordinator Brandy & fiance Leon.

Engagement Date June 14, 2014
Wedding Date January 24, 2015

How did you two meet? (In Brandy’s Words)
We actually met on My co-worker convinced me to try it out and it did not take long before I met Leon. We went on our first date at Intelligentsia Coffee in Old Pasadena. We stood there for hours talking. It was a great first date.

How did he propose?
We just got home from celebrating his Birthday and I went to change my clothes and when I got back, he hugged me and got down on one knee. I didn’t even give him a chance to say much. I blurted out, “of course!” I really didn’t see that coming.

What do you love most about your Engagement Ring?
I love color! So instead of a diamond I opted for a sapphire. It is a custom made engagement ring with an oval antique cut padparadschra Chatham sapphire. It is more on the orange side than the pink and it looks fantastic!

Leon knew Brandy wanted something unique! He presented her with a custom designed oval cut padparadschra Chatham sapphire from Robbins Brothers (well of course).

Leon knew Brandy wanted something unique! He presented her with a custom designed oval cut padparadschra Chatham sapphire from Robbins Brothers (well of course).

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Top 8 Re-Pinned Men’s Wedding Bands

Don’t forget the most important detail of your wedding day: the wedding bands! I recently perused the top pinned rings and found a flurry of some good looking’ men’s rings! Here are the top 8 most re-pinned Men’s wedding bands from our site!

Love that ladies are not only shopping for themselves but also keeping their dear SO’s in mind! Wondering if you absolutely need to have a matching ring with your soon-to-be spouse? Absolutely not! Go shopping together and pick something out that he’ll love! It’ll be on his finger, after all! You’ll want him to have a ring that he’ll want to keep on.









Glad to see the different styles that men are picking! I’m loving rings with black diamonds and the black wedding band. It’s just so sleek and would definitely stand out amongst the other wedding bands!

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Jurassic Falls Perfect Proposal for San Diego State University Alums

Just Engaged on the Island of Kauai! Congrats to Glendale, CA customers Dione & Lisa. #beautiful #lovereigns

Just Engaged on the beautiful Island of Kauai! Congrats to Glendale, CA customers Dione & Lisa!

Engagement Date April 5, 2014
Wedding Date April 26, 2015

How did you two meet? (In Dione’s Words)
Lisa and I met in college while both attending San Diego State University.

How did you propose?
I took Lisa to the Island of Kauai for a few days. On the second day I rented a helicopter just for the 2 of us and got a tour of the entire island. It then landed at the Jurassic Falls which is a famous waterfall that was featured in the movie Jurassic Park. We both stood in front of this beautiful and iconic waterfall and when the moment was right I got down on one knee after saying a few kind words.

What does she love most about her engagement ring?
She loves the personal touch that I incorporated. I put emerald stones on the sides to honor her grandmother and mother who both have emeralds in their ring. Of course she loves that there is a big rock on her finger but the emeralds are very symbolic and meaningful.

Split Shank Diamond Halo Setting with Elegant Emeralds--From Robbins Brothers Glendale

Split Shank Diamond Halo Setting with Elegant Emeralds–From Robbins Brothers Glendale

lisa engagement ring 3

How was your shopping experience? Stressful?
To be honest when I first walked in my plan was to just get an idea and then shop around at other stores to compare. The minute I walked in Nairi at the Glendale store made me feel very comfortable and she was very helpful throughout the process. After looking around for a while I finally set eyes on the perfect ring. Once we put the set together I knew that was the one. I didn’t need to go to another store to compare or even see if there was anything else out there. The special treatment I received and great experience made this process pain free. We will be going back for wedding bands as we get closer to our wedding date.

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