What’s Her Engagement Ring Style?

By guest blogger Natasha Burton

When you’re ready to pop the question, you’ve likely already talked to your girlfriend about marriage. But you may not have had a conversation about her taste in jewelry—in fact, you may even want the ring you present her to be a complete surprise.

But, given that she’s going to wear her ring ’til death do you part, you’re going to want to get her some bling she’ll like—or, even better, love.

Is she inspired by wedding day fashion & the most famous tiaras worn by royalty? Then consider the Royal Tiara by Peter Lam Luxury collection–sku 0387988 at www.RobbinsBrothers.com

Is she inspired by wedding day fashion & the most famous tiaras worn by royalty? Then consider the Royal Tiara by Peter Lam Luxury collection–sku 0387988 at www.RobbinsBrothers.com

Ask yourself these questions to help guide you on your ring search, from determining the metal the ring should be made of, to the style that would speak most to your girlfriend.

1. Does she normally wear white or yellow gold jewelry?

2. Is her apartment or home filled with antiques, traditional furnishings, or modern details?

3. Which famous classic actress do you think she’d identify with most, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, or Marilyn Monroe?

4. What does her favorite pair of jeans look like? (Worn and vintage? Pristine and crisp? Basic blue?)

5. If she were to order a drink at a bar, would it be a martini, a glass of wine or a craft beer?

6. Does she prefer outdoor activities like hiking or indoor activities like watching movies?

7. Is she a DIY, baking and crafty type or more of a store-bought kind of woman?

8. Is there another piece of jewelry she wears everyday with which you might need to coordinate her engagement ring?

Need a little more guidance? No problem, we got you covered! Check out Find Out Your Engagement Ring Style to see various ring designs.

Natasha Burton is an author, freelance writer and editor.
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5 Rose Gold Engagement Rings She’ll Love

#RoseGold is the latest trend indeed. It’s such a timeless and warm design that’ll make the wearer feel very feminine, confident and loved. We’ve selected five rose gold engagement rings from some of our top designers that are sure to take her breath away. (Oh yes, they look great in photos but just wait until she tries them on her pretty little ring finger!)

A gorgeous design from Royal Tiara by Peter Lam Luxury. The split shank and three-row band make such an elegantly bold statement.

Royal  Tiara by Peter Lam Luxury, exclusively available at Robbins Brothers--sku0394324

Royal Tiara by Peter Lam Luxury, exclusively available at Robbins Brothers–sku 0394324

Va Va Voom Verragio! This is such a pretty blooming diamond halo engagement ring setting with stylish rose gold accents.

Verragio Rose Gold Engagement Ring from Robbins Brothers--sku0394111

Verragio Rose Gold Engagement Ring from Robbins Brothers–sku 0394111

Love is Grand. Here’s a 14 Karat White and Rose Gold beauty that is sure to make her eyes sparkle and heart flutter when you place it on her ring finger.

Robbins Brothers Rose Gold Engagement Ring Setting--sku 0386260

Robbins Brothers Rose Gold Engagement Ring Setting–sku 0386260

This gorgeous Simon G. Rose Gold Engagement and Wedding Ring Set is a customer favorite in 2014. A seriously sparkly showstopper. Do you agree?

Simon G. Engagement Ring from Robbins Brothers--sku 0395976

Simon G. Engagement Ring from Robbins Brothers–sku 0395976

Kirk Kara, the winner of this year’s Jewelers’ Choice Award always presents brides with the very best and brilliant rose gold vintage designs and mesmerizing details that can be passed on from one generation to the next.

Kirk Kara Rose Gold Vintage Engagement Ring--sku 0389908 at www.RobbinsBrothers.com

Kirk Kara Rose Gold Vintage Engagement Ring–sku 0389908 at www.RobbinsBrothers.com

So which one have you fallen in love with? Let us know!

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Robbins Brothers and Olive Crest Host “Sparkle & Share” Dress Drive

Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store’s event “Sparkle & Share” allows customers to donate gently worn bridesmaid, cocktail and evening gowns for prom-bound teen girls at Olive Crest.

Los Angeles, CA (April 1, 2014)— Fashionable women in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire can help teen girls from Olive Crest attend the prom in style this spring by visiting Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store. The company’s Sparkle & Share in-store dress drive benefitting the charity will commence on Tuesday, April 1 through Sunday, April 27, 2014. Patrons can drop off dresses at any of the seven Robbins Brothers locations in Southern California during normal business hours, and will be entered for a chance to win a beautiful diamond jewelry gift (one raffle ticket per dress donation).*

Robbins Brothers in Glendale and Fullerton will host special parties in celebration of Sparkle & Share on Saturday, April 19th (11am-5pm). Guests will drop off dresses, enjoy desserts, and interact directly with representatives from Olive Crest, a local non-profit organization dedicated to preventing child abuse, treating and educating at-risk children, and preserving the family.

“It is always our pleasure and priority to give back to the community,” said CarolAnne Stevenson, director of brand experience and marketing for Robbins Brothers. “We are excited to partner with Olive Crest for the second year in a row by enlisting the help of our customers to help these young ladies shine.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to partner with Robbins Brothers in this effort,” said William Bedrossian, executive director of Olive Crest’s Southern California region. “Prom is just one of many important experiences Olive Crest is committed to providing our youth, and the generosity of Robbins Brothers and its customers will ensure our teen girls have a beautiful and memorable night.”

*Customer or corporate donations of 20 dresses or more will receive a maximum of 20 raffle tickets.

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7 Most Pinned Wedding Rings That Might Outshine Your Engagement Ring!

Check out some of these amazing wedding bands that have been on fire on Pinterest. Love to see that you ladies are picking out unique wedding rings and straying from the simple bands! We know your engagement ring has been in the spotlight during your engagement, but everyone will be fawning over a unique, different wedding band. Here are the top 7 most pinned wedding rings on Pinterest:


&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp
&nbsp &nbsp

Which one is your favorite? That lovely Kirk Kara wedding ring is simple, yet the design is lovely and extravagant! Do you have a dazzling wedding ring? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Things They Don’t Tell You When Buying A Diamond

By guest blogger Lori Harris, Ring Center Specialist for Robbins Brothers


1. Diamonds Are Not Created Equal.
Never assume that diamonds of the same color, clarity and cut grade are the same. That’s like saying all women that are brunette, 5’6 and tan all look the same. Did you know that there could be up to a 30% price difference between diamonds with the same cut grade? Make sure you view diamonds loose and side by side to really get a comparison for beauty.

2. Go In with a Budget in Mind.
Not knowing how much you want to spend (and can afford) when shopping for the perfect diamond could make you end up in the poor house. There isn’t anything romantic about being broke. There shouldn’t be any games played when talking about price. Reputable jewelers will be transparent in their pricing. Be cautious of the “discounts” that are misleading. You really think a company could stay in business if they offered everything at 50% off every day?

3. Least Expensive doesn’t equal Prettiest.
That 30% swing in price for the same cut grade is true. Diamonds that have tremendous fire and sparkle (all the things we women love) will cost you more. It won’t win you any points if she isn’t proud to show it off. Trust me–she wants a rock on her hand that dances in the light and can be seen from across the room. Be smart and invest in value. Invest in the biggest most beautiful diamond! (Within the budget you already decided on!)

Asscher Cut

Asscher Cut

4. Trust Your Gut.
Ever get the feeling something shady is going on? Trusting your gut will lead you in the right direction when deciding who to buy from. Make sure your jeweler is reputable, friendly, honest, helpful, and patient. You should walk away feeling knowledgeable and confident in your decision.

5. She wears the Diamond not the Certificate.
I don’t know of any woman who wants to walk around with her diamond certificate, quoting all the specs. So why base your decision on what the certificate says? Be open minded on qualities- you may be surprised at what you find when comparing diamonds next to each other.

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