Engagement and Wedding Traditions Around the World

(1) Africa – “Jumping the broom” symbolizes the jump from singlehood to married life. (How many guys actually pick up that broom during the marriage and help clean is anyone’s guess.)

(2) Brazil - Think you have it tough proposing at a fancy restaurant? Brazilian folklore says that the man would have to prove himself a suitable husband by taming an unbridled donkey. (That could explain the past romance between animal trainer Dave Salmoni and talk show host Chelsea Handler.)

(3) Mexico – An engaged couple may have wedding ‘godparents’ who help cover the cost of the wedding. (Just be sure your godparents are NOT from the Corleone family, or they’ll expect some serious interest on the loan…)

(4): Armenia – a young woman is expected to stay in her room until her parents accept the marriage proposal when the groom’s family pays a visit to their home. (Advice to the ladies in Armenia: be sure your room has an escape window in the event an undesirable suitor comes a knockin’.)

(5) Austria – What better signs of a long and happy marriage than if you run into a pack of wolves or have a flock of pigeons flying overhead on your way to pop the question?

(6) China – Is he a Capricorn and you’re a Scorpio? Better check with an astrologer before you even think about approaching mom and dad and about your new boyfriend who you’re sure is “the one.”

(7) Czech Republic - Think just-married couples in the U.S. have pressure with the endless “when are you having a baby?” In the Czech Republic a baby is placed on the bed of the couple the night before the wedding as a prayer for fertility.

(8) Phillipines - In case you’re afraid she might not accept your marriage proposal with a simple diamond engagement ring, knock her socks off with a spear thrown in her front door.

(9) USA – Nothing says “together forever” like having an Elvis impersonator officiate at your wedding in a 24 hour drive-through chapel.

(10) Korea – In the USA, size might matter when it comes to the diamond engagement ring, but in Korea you know you’ve found the man of your dreams when you’ve got two huge geese walking around your parents’ house.

Source: Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store