Couples Share Traffic-Stopping Love Notes On Facebook and A Digital Billboard


Los Angeles, CA—November 16, 2011 – With a new Share The Love campaign to headline its holiday marketing endeavors, Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store gives couples a chance to publically express their love for each other on a 14’ x 48’ digital billboard that can be shared on social networks with family and friends. Anyone can create a personalized message for their significant other by accessing the company’s newly designed Share The Love Facebook application and submitting a romantic, silly, fun, serious, unique or even abstract message up to 75 characters.

Once the love message has been submitted, a virtual billboard will appear on the author’s screen immediately, and within 24 to 48 hours the message will appear on the digital billboard for a total of 8 seconds. A photo will be instantly taken with the camera attached to the billboard and emailed to the author, who can then share it with loved ones on Facebook, other social networks or by email.

Robbins Brothers conducted a soft launch for the campaign a few days ago and has already received nearly 100 submissions. Some of the recent ones include: “Congratulations to Brian & Crystal! Happily married 11-11-11” by Reverend G, “Jes I love you with all my heart! Can’t wait for you to come home” by Brenda S., and “I love YOU PETER CHOI!! To Neptune and back, forever and a day” by Laurah E. The billboard is visible to 180,000 freeway commuters in the westbound lanes on Highway 91. As inland residents travel to and from work in Orange County and Los Angeles, they will enjoy sweet expressions of love submitted by romantics across the world.

The digital billboard love note concept was developed by Robbins Brothers’ creative agency G&M Plumbing who felt the campaign would resonate with those at every stage in a relationship. “Whether the couple just started dating a few weeks ago or has been married for over 10 years, this is a perfect way to let your loved one know how special they are to you,” said Glenn Miller, partner/co-creative director. “It literally takes just a few moments to create and it’s a really fun and unique experience to share with friends.”

“We’re always looking for engaging ways to help couples celebrate their romance,” commented Larry Gomperts, executive vice president of marketing for Robbins Brothers. “There is no better time than the holidays to profess your love and share it with the people closest to you. We’re excited to offer our customers this opportunity.”

Tracey Lyles

Tracey Lyles

A hopeful romantic and enthusiastic UCLA grad, Tracey serves as Robbins Brothers’ Social Media and PR Manager. For leisure she enjoys shopping, dancing, hosting parties for family & friends and staying abreast of the latest celebrity news.
Tracey Lyles

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