Beyonce Makes Beautiful Bride In Latest Video

What a gorgeous, show-stopping bride in her latest music video Best Thing I Never Had. You go Miss Beyonce! (I’m sure hubby Jay Z is one proud, happy man.) Just wondering, is the garter-removing moment in her video too sexy for a real ceremony? Let us know.

Beyonce Engagement Ring

3 thoughts on “Beyonce Makes Beautiful Bride In Latest Video

  1. She is sooo pretty! That garter removing scene is pretty hot for a music video, but I think at a real wedding reception, it’s way too racy! I would feel so uncomfortable while my grandma watched! I personally don’t even like the bouquet toss and garter toss. By the way, I also hate that they -always- play “Single Ladies” during the bouquet toss. WE KNOW WE’RE SINGLE. k thx.

  2. It would definitely be sexy in the bedroom, no doubt…. but at your wedding in front of your family in friends, I would stick to using the hands ;)

  3. lol the garter removing? really? it happens at weddings all the time wasn’t that racy at all. Seems fine to me it was not like he was kissing on her leg or anything

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