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Tracey Lyles happily serves as Robbins Brothers' social media and public relations manager and has been with the company for years. Prior to joining Robbins Brothers, she worked in the research and news departments at KTLA-TV, and was also an account executive for Sharp & Associates Public Relations in Hollywood. Tracey received a B.A. in English from UCLA and for leisure enjoys shopping, reading, dancing, going to church and spending quality time with family and friends.

How to Create Holiday Traditions with Your New Spouse

holiday jessica wilson

By guest blogger Natasha Burton

If you’re newly married like I am, this holiday season is extra special: It’s the first one you’ll be spending with your significant other as husband and wife.

Sure, it may not feel different if you’ve been together many years and have spent a number of holidays with each of your families, but this year marks the first time you’ll start making decisions as your own new little family. For some, what you decide to do this season could set the tone for how you’ll enjoy the holidays for many more to come.

Here are some tips to get you started on creating some new traditions—and incorporating a few of your old ones— with your new spouse.

1. Talk about your musts.

You each likely have some strong opinions about what constitutes the holidays for you. Perhaps your spouse enjoys doing absolutely nothing on Christmas Day, while you can’t imagine not baking cookies, going sledding, and making a full-scale meal. Maybe you have to have ham, while he can’t live without turkey. These may seem like small things, but it’s important to talk about what your ideal holiday looks like for you to see if you both are on a similar page (or opposite ones!), especially if you typically spent the holidays with your respective parents pre-marriage.

2. Borrow from your families.

Pick the best and most beloved holiday traditions to incorporate into your new life together. Maybe his mom has a special latke recipe he loves. Maybe your family always watches Elf on Christmas Eve. Give these childhood rituals new life in your marriage.
christmas traditions

Also, you’ll want to ditch the rituals that never worked for you. Does the idea of having to put up—and decorate—a Christmas tree give you anxiety? Nix it. Prefer to give one big present rather than do eight whole nights of small Hanukkah gifts? Go for it. Now is your chance to switch things up, if you so choose.

3. Try something new.

Use this holiday season as an opportunity to test-drive certain activities that could become traditions. Maybe go ice-skating on Christmas Eve, or go on a mini vacation for New Year’s. You’ll find what feels festive to you by trying it first.

4. Allow yourself to spend the holidays alone.

If you ever have an excuse to spend the holidays without having to schlep to your families’ houses, it’s this year: You’re newlyweds, after all! Take this year to opt out of driving and flying home, if you’d like, to enjoy the holidays as a family of two. This will give you a chance to actually try out some new traditions and will show you what you really miss about your families’ celebrations. You may think you can’t live without your Aunt Mary’s sugar cookies or the rambunctious family gift-exchange, but discover that you actually prefer making homemade gingerbread houses and quietly opening stockings with your husband instead.

5. Stay flexible.

Just because you do something one year, that doesn’t mean you’ve set a tradition in stone. Maybe it’s not possible for you to spend the holidays just you two this time around. Maybe you even have to split up over the holidays to see your parents and extended family. That’s okay. However, and whenever, you celebrate will be right for you as long as you’re staying true to what you think is best for you and your marriage. New traditions take time to take shape so be patient and focus on enjoying the moment, not having every last piece of tinsel in place right away.

Natasha Burton is a relationship author, freelance writer and wedding planner.

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Sparkly Simon G. Trunk Shows!


Come see the latest engagement rings, wedding bands and fashion jewelry from designer extraordinaire Simon G. at one of our upcoming Trunk Shows. ‘Tis the Season to Sparkle!!

Special Holiday Financing Available (call store associate for details)

Fri Dec. 5 11a-8p & Sat Dec. 6 11a-7p | Riverside, CA | 951.785.9064
Fri Dec. 12 10a-8p & Sat Dec. 13 11a-7p | Dallas, TX | 972.385.0614
Fri Dec. 19 10a-8p & Sat Dec. 20 11a-7p | Torrance, CA | 310.540.5659


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Henri Daussi Holiday Trunk Shows at Robbins Brothers


Every Henri Daussi ring is one of a kind and part of a unique European collection. Please join us at one of our stores for an exclusive trunk show to try on the designer’s beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands.

Appointments are highly suggested.

Fri Dec. 5 11a-7p | Seattle, WA | 206.826.7464
Sat Dec. 6 6 10a-7p | Bellevue, WA | 425.635.7464
Fri Dec. 12 10a-8p & Sat Dec. 13 11a-7p | Fullerton, CA | 714.871.5000
Sun Dec. 14 11a-6p | Torrance, CA | 310.540.5659
Fri Dec. 19 10a-8p & Sat Dec. 20 11a-7p | Dallas, TX | 972.385.0614


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6 Nerd Rings to Express Your Love

By guest blogger Shaina Woodcock, Robbins Brothers Merchandise Distribution Clerk


There are things you are passionate about. What better way to take your passions with you as an expression of your love than in the form of a ring? If you are inspired by your favorite things then let these rings inspire your love.

-In the interest of full disclosure, there will be shameless references peppered throughout this article with no apologies.

The Legend of Zelda nerd

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” Express your love of Hyrule wherever you go with this ring for him or her. The engraving in the classic Nintendo NES font really pulls it all together.

Nature nerd
“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir
Stuck in the concrete jungle but love trees? Take a bit of nature with you wherever your adventures lead with this ring from Lashbrook. With laser etching of birch trees you are never far away from a forest escape. (Sku 0399567) (Sku 0399567)

Space nerd
Ordinary metal is so boring. Your ring needs to be extraordinary with a hint of extraterrestrial. This band is inlayed with meteorite and comes in many different styles to satisfy your naked finger needs. (sku 0399563) (sku 0399563)

Dr. Who nerd
Don’t blink or you’ll miss this TARDIS ring inspired by Dr. Who. With subtle cutouts representing the police call box and cleverly set diamonds you’ll be ready to face all of time and space with your Time Lord by your side.

Gamer nerd
Is the Playstation your favorite console? Show your dedication to the system and your lady with this custom engagement ring. The colored stones really make this piece, don’t you think?

Indiana Jones nerd
Sure, Indiana Jones wooed his share of women, but this would be his choice, should he settle down (I’m choosing to ignore the ending of The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). With the shank made to look like a coiled whip and the yellow diamond representing the idol, this ring belongs in a museum.

It doesn’t matter what you are passionate about, Robbins Brothers can make your ring dreams a reality. If you saw anything you liked, come into our store and we can custom make a ring worthy of your devotion.

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Graduate Students Get Engaged At Dallas Baptist University!

Just Engaged! Congrats to Madison & Dominique who got engaged at the beautiful Dallas Baptist University bridge.

Just Engaged! Congrats to Madison & Dominique who got engaged at the beautiful Dallas Baptist University bridge.

Engagement Date November 8, 2014
Projected Wedding Date May 2, 2015

In Madison’s Words

How did you two meet?
We met at college in Abilene, TX. He attended Abilene Christian University and I was a Hardin-Simmons University student. He attended an HSU volleyball game to watch an old high school friend of his, I was playing for HSU at the time, he laid eyes on me, and the rest is history!

How did he propose?
The reason I was making a trip to Dallas this weekend was to celebrate Dominique’s birthday early because it lands on a Tuesday and I am still in the process of finishing graduate school in Abilene, TX. Boy was I in for a surprise. I knew something was up because I saw a test notification from my best friend pop up on his monitor, and they never speak unless something’s up. I was expecting something to happen the next day, Friday. Friday passed by, nothing unusual happened.

Saturday rolled around and I set out for my apartment search. He had a group project meeting that afternoon and we had dinner and movie plans to celebrate his 23rd birthday that night. After getting back from my apartment hunt, we began to get ready for dinner and a movie and he says to me, “Oh shoot! I forgot to leave a paper with my group for our project. We’ve got to go by campus before dinner.” This was hard for me to believe, but I went with the flow and we were soon at Dallas Baptist University. After running his “paper” inside to his group he came back to the car to tell me, “My group really wants to meet you.” I found this strange, it was a Saturday night and we were late for our “dinner reservations.”

Soon after getting me out of the car, he led me toward the DBU bridge that crosses over a campus pond. The venue was beautiful and we came to the end of the bridge where a gazebo was decorated with rose petals at my feet, framed pictures of us over the past 5 years, and 8 red and white balloons. After admiring the decor, he continued to lead me through the gazebo and near the shore of the pond where a single bench stood alone.

Dominique pops the question!

Dominique pops the question!

He looked into my eyes and reminded me of our time together, how we’ve come thus far through good times and bad. He dropped down to one knee and asked me to make him the happiest man alive. I SAID YES!!!!!! Soon after, my mom and some of my absolute dearest friends cheered from across the pond!! I’ve never been more overwhelmed with joy in my entire life. I could relive this moment over and over again. It was perfect!

What do you love most about your engagement ring?
I love that it has character! The rose gold is my favorite and the round brilliant cut could not be more perfect!

Madison rocks her beautiful rose gold split shank diamond engagement ring from Robbins Brothers Dallas

Madison rocks her beautiful rose gold split shank diamond engagement ring from Robbins Brothers Dallas.

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