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Shulie Tornel, Marketing Communications Specialist, has been posting, tweeting and blogging for Robbins Brothers for over six years. She studied Marketing and International Business at Cal Poly Pomona; and invests her spare time in Crossfit, video games, Netflix, family/friends and her Jack-Weenie pup.

Romantic Seahawks Marriage Proposal After Thrilling Win Against Broncos

The Seahawks are having an ah-mazing year!! After Seattle’s dramatic overtime win over Denver Broncos on Sunday, a Seahawks marriage proposal happened on the field! Defensive back, DeShawn Shead, popped the question to his girlfriend, Jessica Martinez. Shead got down on bended knee at the 50 yard line of the Century Link field, with many of his teammates and friends surrounding them in celebration. What a beautiful day for a double win! See the sweet post-game proposal here:





DeShawn is a happy customer of the Robbins Brothers Bellevue store! Check out the details of the ring he picked out himself:

Simon G. Engagement Ring, Sku 0376982

Simon G. Engagement Ring, Sku 0376982

A stunning Echo diamond which features 98 hand cut facets for exceptional beauty in a classic Simon G. engagement ring (Sku 0376982) for such a beautiful couple! We wish DeShawn and Jessica all the happiness in the world! Gooo Seahawks! We love you guys!






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Diamonds and Desserts: Sparkling In H-Town!

Another fun evening of Diamonds and Desserts! This time, in Houston, Texas! Our Robbins Brothers Houston store hosted an evening of stunning bridal gowns, dazzling diamond jewelry, delicious desserts and bubbly champagne! We invited select few bloggers, fashion editors and wedding professionals to get a sneak peek at the newest collection of DAO Chloe DAO bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses, designed by Chloe Dao.

Diamonds and Desserts Houston
Diamonds and Desserts Houston

Fashion Writer Michele Meyer

Diamonds and Desserts Houston

Sydney Dao (Director of PR & Marketing for DAO Chloe DAO) & Joy Sewing (Fashion & Beauty Editor for Houston Chronicle).

Diamonds and Desserts Houston

Taylor Brione Ballard (Co-Chair of Houston Fashion Bloggers & Creator of Pretty Pink Living).

Diamonds and Desserts Houston

Models showing off DAO Chloe DAO bridal gowns.

Diamonds and Desserts Houston

Models showing off Robbins Brothers engagement rings and diamond jewelry.

Guests snacked on delicious mini-cupcakes, cookies and tasty champagne!

Diamonds and Desserts Houston

The evening’s honoree was Girls Inc., where all handbags and accessories were donated to benefit young girls in their program. Girls Inc. provides more than 138,000 girls across the U.S. and Canada with life-changing experiences and real solutions to the unique issues girls face.  This specially designed program provides girls the right tools and support to succeed, including trained professionals who mentor and guide them in a safe, girls-only environment.

Diamonds and Desserts Houston

A lovely young lady modeling one of Chloe Dao’s purple bridesmaids gowns is even a member of Girls Inc.

Diamonds and Desserts Houston


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6 Ways To Celebrate Your Summer Love

By guest blogger Dan Decker, Ring Center Manager for Robbins Brothers


It’s finally summer! That budding spring romance is finally in full bloom and now is the time to celebrate your summer love. Summer provides the perfect weather to get out of the house and spend some time together, but what to do? Here are some of my favorite summer dates that can be put together by either mate in the relationship. Surprise your significant other with one of these summer celebrations of your love!

Love IS A Picnic – Ready to show off your culinary skills? And of course by culinary skills I am referring to your ability to purchase a fresh baked baguette, some of your favorite cheeses and meats, a selection of fruits and of course your favorite bottle of bubbly! This one is easy, select a location (the park, your backyard or even an empty field), set out your blanket, pour a few glasses of bubbly and make a toast to your love.

Life’s A Beach – Nothing says summer better than a day at the beach. Now you can take the easy way out and just bring a towel, but just a bit more planning and you can have a great day of celebrating your love. Plan a few interactive activities to do like volleyball, Frisbee or making a sandcastle, anything really that allows you to let off some steam while enjoying the time together. For an added bonus, find a beach that allows you to build a fire and you can finish this day of fun around the fire making s’mores.

Stars At Night – With perfect summer nights comes the most unique and romantic way to watch a movie: doing it under the stars! Many communities offer outdoor movies throughout the summer and all you need to bring are a few snacks and a blanket. Sit back, relax and enjoy some cuddle time outdoors.

All Is Fair – Summer is state fair time and there is really no better way to celebrate your love than letting go of all of your adult responsibilities for a few hours and just acting like kids. Grab a cotton candy to share then head to the carnival to win that huge stuffed animal that you don’t have room for; or get dizzy on the Zipper and Scrambler. Together, anything this fair can throw at you, the two of you can handle! Set aside the diet for this one and don’t miss out on sharing whatever the newest thing they found to fry!

You Belong In A Zoo – When was the last time you went to the zoo?  You may not remember how great it really is! Just like when you were a kid, find your partner and don’t let go of their hand. Stop and get a churro and let the adventure begin. With all of the paths and benches, you will have a day of amazing conversation and since it’s the zoo, you’ll have something new to talk about around every corner.

Take A Hike – Connecting with nature creates a great environment to connect with each other as well.  A perfect summer hike can be as intense or relaxing as you want. Make sure you know your fitness level and match the trail accordingly. If it is going to be a super hot or humid day, plan to go out in the morning or before sunset. After all, there is nothing romantic about being exhausted.

This is just a place to start. Summer has done all it can to create the perfect opportunity to celebrate your love, but you have to take advantage of it! For even more ideas, try substituting a few of your favorite activities like Kayaking or Tennis to one of the ideas above, or get adventurous and create something entirely new. The goal is to get out of the house and celebrate your summer love.

What is your favorite way to celebrate your Summer Love?  Let us know in the comments section!

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How Brides Really Feel Days Before The Wedding

How Brides Really Feel Just Days Before The Wedding - Robbins Brothers Fully Engaged

I’ve been married for about two weeks now, so I’ve had some time to let all the emotions sink in and cleaned up the wedding supplies. I knew the wedding was going to be emotional, obvi. I’ve been to a ton of weddings prior. However, I had no idea the emotional rollercoaster I was going to be on. Let me try to paint you a picture of how brides really feel just days leading up to one of the biggest days of your life!

The week before: You’re in total denial. Everything is just fine. This is just like every other week. Nothing out of the ordinary happening here. Practically everyone, even strangers, will ask you if you’re ready for the big day (you’re not). “What big day?” you ask as you laugh to yourself. You’ll accidentally blurt out the wrong wedding date when making small talk. You’re so far in denial, that you’re thinking about looking up real estate in Egypt.

Five days before: It sinks in and you will get butterflies. You’ll be thinking about standing in front of almost everyone you know. You’ll be in the center of attention. All eyes will be on you and your soon-to-be-husband. Did you remember to get your eyebrows waxed? Mani and pedi booked? Am I missing anything? Do I need to get my teeth whitened? Your stomach will be making flips and sometimes you’ll wonder, “What am I getting myself into??” Especially if you aren’t the type that likes to be in the center of attention.

Three days before: You’ll realize that you’ll be getting married to the love of your life! You’ll be all smiles. For no reason. You’ll still get butterflies here and there, but you’ll mostly be floating around in a happy stupor, with a smile on your face. You’ll be listening to your wedding playlist (because you’ll have a private YouTube playlist with all of your wedding music in chronological order so you can walk through the entire day in your head) and you’ll tear up just thinking about walking down the aisle. You’ll listen to your father-daughter dance song and you’ll tear up. Then you’ll think about your parents and how much they love you and how much you love them. For the first time, in your mind, you have an absolutely perfect relationship with your parents. You’ll be at a red light and you see an adorable old couple walking hand in hand and you’ll tear up. Lots of tearing up here. I think you catch my drift.

The night before: You’ll be completely calm. It’s like the calm before the storm. You’ll either sleep like a baby (which I did) or you’ll be laying in bed, thinking about everything that’s going to happen in just a few hours. You’ll have a “whatever” attitude towards the last few to-do’s left on the list because it’s all happening tomorrow! You’ll be so excited and happy that you’re about to be a MRS. to your best friend that those handwritten bunting signs you were supposed to make won’t even matter to you at this point.


Day of wedding: Your heart will burst from all the love you feel from practically everyone in your life. The real tears. If you thought three days ago was bad, think again. You’ll alternate between tears and laughter every half hour. From the precious moments with your family right before the ceremony, to laughing at the adorable flower girls throwing rose petals at the guests. From the maid of honor’s sweet speech, to laughing at your mother-in-law owning the dance floor with your childhood friends. You’ll feel guilty, almost undeserving of all the gifts that you’ve been showered with on this day. A few days later, you’ll look at your total wedding costs and you won’t feel so bad. Congratulations, you’re now in a legally binding contract with your love and your wedding diet is over! Woo-hoo!

What about you? Were you surprised by any of the emotions you felt? Did an ex suddenly pop into your head? Did you have any strange dreams? Or were you cool as a cucumber? Let us know all about it!

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4 Sweet Marriage Proposals On Fourth of July!

I’m getting ramped up for the Independence Day festivities and I just can’t wait to check out the bright fireworks shows!


We’re also getting excited for the holiday by checking out any cute marriage proposals on Fourth of July. Here are four of our favorites:

This super romantic proposal has it all: Romance, the shock value, adorable pictures, the sweetest song and beautiful fireworks! Just try not to tear up to this romantic song.

The simplicity of this video is what I love about this marriage proposal. The romantic silhouette of him on bended knee and the bright, popping fireworks is pretty romantic in its simple way. And when she leans in for a kiss to signify “yes” is just too cute. Then the fade out with the end of the fireworks. I just love this proposal!

This guy decided to propose to his girlfriend by shouting it over the rooftops on Fourth of July! Great concept and adorable execution, but I have to suggest other people not to do this! Imagine if she fainted… lost her footing? Or if she jumped up and down? When you’re being asked to marry the love of your life, we suggest you stay away from high ledges and slippery slopes! Cute proposal, though!

Finally, I had to include a proposal video that involved the good old American tradition: baseball!! A man decides to propose to his girlfriend on the field, which is where they had their second date, a year prior on 4th of July!

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